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How can I make him mine after almost a year?

Published on January 3, 2014 by carocaro

Hi, Lat year i stopped seeing a guy who hurt me a lot. I was so sad and he was at the same time the first guy I had been with and a friend. He didn't want a relationship. almost 3 months after I meet a new guy at a bar, we suddenly kiss a lot that evening and that was the beginning of what has ended now 9 month after without any commitment as well. What am I doing wrong? This guy was so sweet to me, but at the same time quite busy and seemed like he could only think of one thing at a time, so he turned hot and cold and sometimes he invited me for nice dinners and sometime we met up for a movie and sex. Sometimes it seemed as we were a couple and the we didn't spoke for weeks.I was not very interested in him at the beginning, but now my heart is broken. I finally told him that what we did together couldn't go on, because it made me sad and confused. he agreed and we saw each other one last time on new years where he said he didn't want us to have sex but that I was a good friend and I should take care of my self. He seemed unavailable all the way and have not had many relationships, but the last time I saw him I felt that he was not unavailable emotionally but it was me due to my lack of confidence who ruined all we had. Do you have any good tips on what to do after we agreed on ending it? Because I really want him as my boyfriend, a good thing is that I'm going away for 4 months so hopefully it will help me find my inner confidence again and maybe make him miss me? I'm so sad and I just thought that even he has ignored me and me him, he seemed like he cared about me and wanted the best for me. How can I make him show me his true feelings for me again when I come back? It's a very long story written as short as I could. Thank you Caroline