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How can i know if a guy likes me when he has a girlfriend?

Published on March 23, 2010 by snakepit

This guy has a girlfriend but when i meet him and talk to him it looks as though he is interested in me, bodylanguage and everything. In some of the conversations he mentions his girlfriend and seems to be reminding himself that he has one. He also turns around to look at me and stuff like that. Now after wondering for about a week or two i asked if there was something going on between us ... because to me these are just mixed signals and he seems to be ignoring me, not showing up for classes at school and such. Totally making me confused.. wondernig if i should just walk away from this or see what happens. (he's a capricorn)


He's just flirting with you. People flirt harmlessly even when they are in relationships. It doesn't mean that he is thinking about or want to act on it. The fact that he's talking about his girlfriend to you is a sign that he's committed to her. You may be interpreting it as he's reminding himself he's off limits to other women, but that may not actually be how he feels. He's avoiding you now since you mentioned something. That is not a mixed signal. That is a clear sign that he's not interested and doesn't want to talk to you anymore for fear of leading you on. You should just leave him and his girlfriend alone and don't get so ahead of yourself. Just because a guy is talking to you doesn't mean he's interested.

He is just flirting and I think when you said something he realized he might have taken it too far. I am married and I have some guy friends and I appreciate their friendship, but when it appears that one might be taking things the wrong way I retreat like no bodies business. This could be what is happening.

Walk away, either he is harmlessly flirting or he is a player. Either way he is not showing a strong interest in anything but a fun night.

He was simply flirting wit u.And may b this is his nature.there are guys who just love flirting wit gals yet they av galfriends.... forget abt his mixed signals n walk away. if he really likes u, he wil tel instead of confusing u.

I can definitely relate, my boyfriend and I met over the summer. We were friends for a month before he made a move. He flirted with me too, and he had girlfriend. But, after finding out that I had a job offer he finally told me that he really liked me. He broke up with his girlfriend, and we had a GREAT summer together, before he went off to college (for his second year). He's a Capricorn too. I hoped everything worked out o.k...but if it didn't there's more fish in the sea, so go fishing!! lol =)