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How can I keep him interested?

Published on April 4, 2010 by suzanne02

I've been seeing a guy for nearly 6 mths. At the start he was very eager and let me with no doubt that he liked me. I wasn't so sure so I kept him at arms length for a while. Gradually I fell for him and we've been 'officially' together for about 6wks. He is still quite attentive and calls or txts everyday but he has cooled off a bit. We live about an hour away from each other so only see each other about twice a week. How can I keep him interested in me and not let the distance ruin our relationship? Work and other activities get in the way of seeing each other more. Will he get bored?


You mean, is he going to be more bored than he already is?

Honey pea, 6 months is a LONG time for a guy to be interested in the girl especially if she kept him "at arms" length for most of the time. I mean, why should he now try to get close to you ? all you have done is cooled off his romantic interested. for him, you are now a "friend" , but not a romantic interest.

Be careful next time.

Sorry I didn't explain that properly, Over the 6 months I've fallen for him and he knows this too. I show him this just as much as he shows me. He knows now that I really care for him too and that it's not 'one sided' anymore. My question was, how can I keep him interested even though we can't see each other all the time? And it is normal for him to cool off a bit now that we're together?

Since the feelings are mutual now, try to setup and plan dates (date nights). The important thing is a good plan for the date to make it fun, interesting and ofcourse some make out time :-) Long distance or not, the more quality time you can have together, the more passion you will have. It shouldn't cool so quickly, unless he finds a girl closer to him that is willing to do all this and more.

Yes, it is normal for him to cool off. You shouldn't expect to be texting every hour on the hour or 5 hour phone calls every night. But if you want him to call you every day/every other day, let him know that. Guys can't read your mind. Let him know your expectations, but be kind about it. Don't be demanding. Try saying, "I miss you when I don't see you. I'd love it if we could talk every night, at least just for 15mins. What do you think?"

Also, keep him interested by being kind to him, doing special things for him when you do see him. What's his favorite dessert? What sorts of things does he like to do? Can you surprise him in any way (assuming he likes surprises)?