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How can I help my boyfriend lose weight?

Published on December 12, 2012 by catsnyder

I'm seeing this guy who's personality is absolutely amazing. Too soon for love but I see a lot of potential. I love being around him and he always makes me laugh. He makes me happy and he seems to be really into me. However he's kind of overweight. It doesn't bother me at all, I actually like bigger guys, but he won't take his shirt off when we have sex and is extremely self conscious. He also thinks he's too small "down there". Being overweight can cause it to appear smaller and losing some weight would help with this too. No matter how much I tell him that he's fine and he's perfect he still seems very uncomfortable. Hes a very very heavy smoker so his health is threatened already, and I feel that his weight plus his smoking is very dangerous to him. Being someone that has always been self conscious and exercises I spend at least an hour at the gym every day) , I think losing weight would be good for his self esteem. His family members are also all overweight (except his brother who goes to the same gym as me and I see him all the time there). I'm just wondering if you think there's a way I can help him to lose weight without him realizing I'm trying to do that. I feel like he would think that I have a problem with his weight if he knew I wanted him to lose weight, which I don't and I tell him ALL the time that I think he's very attractive. HE has a problem with it and it hurts me to see how uncomfortable he is with himself because I have been there.