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How can i get my girlfriend comfortable with me kissing her?

Published on July 23, 2010 by billabong

OK, first of all I'm not 21,.. I'm 16 and my girlfriend is 16... i had to travel to Orlando the next morning after the last day of school... so i only got to see her on that day... so by the next time we meet again.. we would have at least 3 uncelebrated anniversaries (and this is a big thing because its our first 3 anniversaries) and i really wanna kiss her.. i love her so deeply... and she does too, but for some reason she doesn't wanna kiss me... on the lips at least, well we do hug, hold hands, kiss on the cheek and cuddle... but we just never kissed!.... and i am more than happy to wait until she gets comfortable with it... but how can i make her comfortable with it... we've been together for almost 3 months!!!... when i drop hints she always avoids them... like for example once she said to me "Oh baby, you make me feel like I'm in a romantic movie with you"... and then when i said "OK then, where's the scene where we kiss"... then she said "umm... maybe there isn't kissing scene"... and how come... if she really loves me like how she says... wont she want me to kiss her?? help me out.. i know it would end amazing for us if i just get her comfortable!!! HELP!!!


Hello dear collegue :D im 16 too. there can be some phisycal or phichycal factors on this... Cant you just ask her WHY she doesnt want you to kiss her? Sure there can be insecurity about you. Maybe she is afraid that her first kiss wont be a bang or whatever. Maybe she just wants you to be as a prince charming, like in those movies and kiss her without permission. Maybe ... there is a lot of maybes... I had my first kiss when i was 15 untill then i thought that i will kiss only the one i really love. Maybe she overrates the value of the kiss. Just say to her that she can trust you. and ask why she is unconfortable/dont want to be kissed on the lips. There can be even possibility of some kind of illnes. Or she is just shy. Joke: youre not trying to make her to have sex with you right? :D A honest talk between you too should do something.