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How can I get my boyfriend to be truly comitted to me and our child?

Published on September 8, 2013 by colleen

My boyfriend always lies to me, and cheats on me. Yet he tells me that he loves me. I'm just tired of his lies, and doesn't spend time with me anymore. Also him, and other women disrespects me. They disrespect me by constantly calling and texting my cell phone everyday. They also come and get him. Knowing that he stays with me, and that we in a relationship. And when we argue, he leaves. I want this to stop for good. It hurts me. Please help me. I'm actually crying as I type this. I believe the reason is because I have an amputated leg a little above the knee, and that I can't have anymore kids. I'm sorry it just hurts me.


I hate to say it, but I think you need to cut him loose. He will always be a part of your life because of your child, but he isn’t respecting you like one partner should respect another. By lying and cheating, he’s saying that your relationship isn’t the most important thing in your life, which it should be (after your child). Him just saying he loves you isn’t enough. Unless he truly committed himself to you and cut the other women out, he’s never going to respect you in the way that you deserve. And you do deserve a partner who respects you.