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How can I get him to dominate me in bed?

Published on April 13, 2009 by lolita

My boyfriend is a very smart, liberal, enlightened man. He believes that women are unfairly objectified in our society and that men should do more to try and equal the playing field. I like this about him. But there's one place I wish he would try to be a little less egalitarian, and that's in the bedroom. I love to be tied up, slapped, and called dirty names. I've told him this, but he says he just can't play along because it would make him feel awful to do those kinds of things to me. How can I get him to dominate me without his politics getting in the way?


Does he have to be dominating in a demeaning way? Maybe that's what turns him off? If he's so egalitarian offer to tie him up first and then he can return the favor!

I think it's important not to push someone to do something that they're uncomfortable with. Maybe you can find something you both like.

put on a porno let it be a girl thats being dominated the way you want and just watch he's going to come on to you but what you need is reject to do is provoke a play fight pillow fight anything playful but physical smack him kiss and bite him but in a sensual way throw your hands up at him as if you boxing kick him whatever act like you in the mood hit him then run( eventually he chase you around the house close the door on him lock him out anything its a form of foreplay)tease him and if he doesn't come at like lions do on the discover channel and play he's gay cause if it were me you dont even know oneday you should cheat on Mr. Softy with a bad guy so he could flip you suck you dry were you out come on to you like the beast we really are and take to the grave its a trhill for some women your human play

i totally feel u!! i am so aggervated by this! what man wudnt go mad to find out the woman thay love is an undercover depraved SLUT! lmao sorry but i have never found a man that will do it ....n the few that will dont do it right! but thay ALL make fun of it. the man im with now i feel like is alredy my end all but he can only go so far w it. ie, he will spit n my mouth but not on my face, wont talk dirty in a degrading manner n now i think hes nervous to speak AT ALL during sex b/c he doesnt kno HOW to talk dirty to my crazy ass:/ o yha n he wont hit me either. BUT THE WORST IS THAT IT TURNS HIM OFF WHEN I "DO TOO MUCH" N I HONESTLY THINK ITS PUSHING HIM AWAY FROM ME......