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how can I get this girl to like me

Published on September 3, 2010 by yashoda

there is this girl at my school and I really like her. We have been in the same classe for 3 years but I never really had a real discussion with her. we still go to te same school but where not in the same classe now. I know a little about her like she likes playing basketball and stuff like that. I also know that she broke up with her ex about 1 month ago. So I'd like to know if you could get me tips to make this girl like me. By the way i'm a pretty timid guy.

Also I'm in secondary 5 so if you got any tips to ask her out to the prom I'd apreciate it.


Try talking to her at the beginning of class. Bring up something that is a common interest and ask if she has a prom date. Good luck!