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How can I fix this?

Published on June 2, 2010 by lauram

I broke up with my boyfriend mainly because I was mad. He texted me saying Do you think we should breakup, than later in the convo he said he never wanted to breakup with me but okay, bye.

I've tried to text him a couple times and its just akward. I can tell he's hurt...and so am I, but I'm willing to put my pride and stubborness aside to fix this. I had a big performance and asked him to come, hoping we could talk after. He didn't, and he knows how important my performances are.... :/

So, my question can I fix this?

At this point, I feel like I'm trying and caring more than he does...when during our relationship he tried and cared more. I realize my mistakes and I want to make the next time better. He's one of those guys who hide their pain....but he won't even legitamately talk to me on the phone without making me feel akward...or as if I'm bothering him. I don't even know where he stands. But how can I fix this, in a mature and well-thought out way?


Hello Laura,

I think before you start seeing each other at more important events, you should start with the more medial events first i.e. going out to the cinema. He may also need a bit of time so just leave it a few days then see if he contacts you, if he did love you he wouldn't hide his feelings and would stop at nothing to speak to you.

I think time will tell if you both are meant to be together, but you just need to get over the small things that happen first so that you can realise how happy you are together.

Helping him to express emotions is something that you will need to sort out in the meantime.