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Give Advice: I Want To Date A Virgin

Published on April 5, 2012 by syq187xc

I am a young woman looking for a man who is a virgin to be my potential husband in the future, but first I need to find a boyfriend who is a virgin. Help please?


Your statement raises a ga-zillion questions, the first of which is “Why?” Why is this a requirement . . . because you’re a virgin? . . . because you have religious convictions? If so, it’s commendable you treasure your sexuality to that extent and you want that part of your relationship preserved for marriage. And, you want someone who has done the same and who you feel can relate to your sexuality in a more meaningful way. However, if you’re not a virgin, but you’re asking this of him, I’d really like to know the reason why. Suppose he’s a virgin but lacks numerous other qualities such as kindness and compassion? Suppose he’s a virgin, but an alcoholic? See where I’m coming from? Can you expound on why he specifically needs to be a virgin?