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How can I describe my relationship with my best friend?

Published on May 7, 2013 by blue22

I’m a guy, she’s a girl. We’ve know each other for more than 5 years but we started being really close friends about 2 years ago. We are both in our early 20’s, both in college, she’s in a relationship with my best guy friend, they’ve been together for 3 years and I’m single. Since she and I go to the same college we spend a lot of time together, we even go together on the same car. I love her like a sister, I have a good relationship with her whole family. I even spent last New Year ’s Eve with her family. For a time called each other cute nicknames till she stopped it, because she was starting to feel uncomfortable, this was weird for me because she was the one that started with the nicknames. Now we use other nicknames that are more brotherly. The strange thing is that almost a couple of months ago we had a situation. I started feeling like she despised me, she would speak to me very roughly and sometimes when we were with a bunch of people she would kiss everyone goodbye and then try to just “high five” me without a goodbye kiss. Not that I want her to kiss me but when she’s in trouble she calls me, and then treats me like shit? I don’t get it. Then I started doing the same to her, which just made her angry at me. She told me that since I was acting cold and distant with her, she had a hard time speaking to me and thought that I wasn’t fun to be around anymore. I explained to her how I felt. A few times in the past she’s told me that I was just putting up a show. This time when I explained to her how I felt she told me that this time she didn’t think it was just a show but she couldn’t talk at that moment. A few weeks ago she asked me to go shopping with her to buy a gift for another friend of ours, this was weird since we hadn’t done that in a long time and fashion wise me and the other are very different so I knew it wasn’t for asking advice on what to buy. I took it like this was her way of trying to act as we did when everything was good. I think he have a weird relationship and don’t know how to categorize it. Other times she’s acted straight out weird for example one time I updated my face book status because I was feeling a little depressed but didn’t want her to find out and blocked her from seeing it, I don’t know how but on that same day she found about it and got mad at me for blocking her. Last week we were at our University and while I was in class, she was working and she texted me twice. I didn’t answer her text and she knew I was in class and she called me from a blocked number asking why I didn’t answer her, I told her I was in class and then she said “but you can answer your phone?” I don’t know but sometimes it seems like if we were boyfriend and girlfriend.