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How can I convince my wife to try a sensual couples massage

Published on May 1, 2009 by danny

I want to watch a man massage my wife to orgasm. Hands only within the context of a massage. We have been married 15 years and our sex life is boring. I am turned on by the thought of this and when I brought up the subject she could not understand why that would turn me on. We are both in our 50's and in great shape physically. I would be next to her receiving a massage by a female. Any suggestions would be appreciated


Well, I don't think my hubby could convince me to do anything that involved him getting touched sexually by another woman. Why not start by asking her what she would like you to do to make things better/more interesting for her?

I am not married but I have experienced a wonderful massage before. He never touched my kitty but his touch was very sensual. I had an orgasm. But I would discuss this with your wife before setting anything up. You better know this is something you want, even lifelong relationships can be altered by this sort of play. Everyone must be okay with it.

I understand your desire and share it also. I hope you go ahead and that you both have fun. If you do please share it with us.

You are right this is really a very effective way to get back the charm in the aged love, however two things one should always keep in mind, that first, never force the partner against his/her wish not even try to convince her if she have some moral values attached to this aspect, secondly, you should be extreme faith and in love with your partner because the pleasant massage may end up in a intercourse at the end, so you should be emotionally ready to face such kind of things(never loose faith on the partner, better encourage him/her to tell you frankly if they keep any desire to have sex with someone else this will increase faith and understanding among the partner,) I would like to share my experiences here. Earlier I used to think that thinking such kind of things is something absurd, might be a result of sick psychology, but now through different sites I came to know that thinking fantasies like this are common among men and women. Few months ago I and my wife tried this; read the story if you are interested. I am married for last 3 years, for almost a year she didn’t allowed me to insert in her, she was scaring of the pain however every time we used to try, but I never wanted to give her pain so I never force in, almost after a year she finally win over the pain and we enjoyed the true pleasure of love making. Very soon after a year we discovered that pleasure was gone we were making love only to meet the physical need…. there was no mental pleasure, also I noticed that she no longer getting any interest In me, my touch was not making any different feeling to her and same for me also, our duration of sex also got reduced. We started thinking for new fantasies, One day my wife told me that she is having body pain and expressed her desire that if somebody can give her a good full body massage, I could do that, earlier also I did but this time I suggest her how if some other guy massage her first, she thought for some time then asked me how shall I feel if a unknown guy touches her, I replied if she is fine and doesn’t feel guilty of it I would not mind it too, rather this might be a way she will gain some sexual interest again in me and for me too, she got agreed but she was not sure that whether she will be able to unclothe completely in front of him, so I told her to go in shorts and small top and then leave the rest on the situation. Finally I call a massage parlor and called a guy to our flat, when he came he was little confused by seeing me there he might have thought that he will see only a lady there, I told the guy that my wife need a massage and he can do it in the living room, and I preferred to stay in the bedroom from where I can see them, though there was a door I told my wife not to close it because that guy was unknown to us and also I expressed my hidden desire to see her getting massage by another man, but my naughty wife closed the door half kept enough space for my show. I saw that the guy told her to remove her long tracksuit and if she wants she can ware something shorter, so she came and changed her cloths, then she lied on the bed, and he started rubbing her feet with some oil, then he slowly started massaging her entire leg below the knee with one hand and her one of the shoulder with the other. He continued doing this for some time, and then he lifted my wife’s top up to her neck and put some oil on the back and started massaging. I got my first excitement when I saw he removed the top from her and started to massage her hole bare back and back of her thigh, he was very slow and gentle in his touch, I saw my wife was sleeping closing her eyes and all her body mussels relaxed. He continued to do this for some more time and I saw that gently he was slipping his hands inside her shorts and rubbing her butts. Now this was my second turn to get surprised, he was telling something to my wife in her ears, and then surprisingly I see that he removed her pant and made her nude, my wife didn’t protest or said a word by this time I was sure that she was really enjoying and having fun. He told my wife to sleep on her back so that he can put some oil in her private area, then he started massaging her thigh and the vagina, then he came to the breast and poured some oil, her body was now glowing due to the oil and I was astonished by her new avatar. I was in my extreme moments of excitements and my wife’s mental situation was quit visible physically (no need to explain). Suddenly my wife did something we never expected, she came running inside the bedroom, grabbed my purse, pulled out some money, and gave that guy and told him to leave, he was totally confused but didn’t dare to say anything in front of a bare lady. Then she closed the door and came to me………..I will certainly not going to explain what happened next……….. But seriously speaking still after many months the effects and the excitements of that day are present in our love life, we have gained interest in each other and now our touches makes us arose. We are planning for the same thing again, (but this time little extra added to it), so we are looking for someone interested in this (can contact on