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How can I be sexy while I'm on my period?

Published on January 3, 2010 by jolyma

I've been seeing my boyfriend for a couple of months and things have been pretty slow going, except sex. That has been a key factor in this relationship. As we're getting closer we're spending more time together and he has invited me on our first weekend getaway. I was touched that he invited me, especially because this trip involves his work and it will be the first time he has ever brought a girlfriend. Anyway, It's nice to be included. Help!! I started my period the day before our getaway. What can I do besides great oral sex to keep things interesting for him and not seem like I'm trying too hard to please. What can I expect from him???


Can you talk to him and let him know what's going on with you?

What about massage, romantic walks, and just going slow, enjoying making out and touching each other?

There are some people who think you can still have sex, just bathe and put in a tampon or have him wear a condom (which he should do anyway!). Some people don't like it, though, and I think that's perfectly understandable. It depends a lot on him - and what you are comfortable with, too.

I am a guy and I like what Black Iris wrote above. At one time it would have freaked me out, when I was young and dumb. But this is a part of life and an important part of a woman's life. I had a girlfriend once that was having her period. She had a tampon and it turned out to be a great night. Some guys may not like it, or even thought about it. So let him know and let him decide. The other half of the coin is why do you feel obligated to have sex with him when you go out , or on a weekend trip? It is not up to you to provide sex on demand if and when he needs it every time. It should be a mutual thing. Besides if he doesn't want to have sex during this time a massage or a B J can be very exciting for him. You may find out if he is truly interested in you and your needs by offering to give you a massage and/or a vibrator for the night, which could be fun for both of you. I hope you enjoy the weekend. Let us know how it turned out.