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how can i balance my relationship with work and school?

Published on September 4, 2010 by sashajanéydobbins

i have been dating my boyfriend for about 3 months and we are extremely happy but, i fear that since i have a new job and will be starting school soon i will not have time for him as much. so should we sit down and figure out what days to plan to spend together or just let what happens happen? how can i balance work, school and my relationship?


It can be tough to balance all those things, but what you need to do is designate time every week for everything. Tell your boyfriend that you still want to have time with him but he needs to work with you. Maybe you can say that every Friday night you will go out on a date and whenever you have free time besides that, you'll do something. Good luck!

i was in your situation three years to May 2010 when i finished college. i sat down with my spouse let her understand my new status as a student. she understood things went well even though sometimes difficult but she bore it patiently. Discuss with your man I am sure he will understand.

all relationships have thier ups and downs. and this will either strenghten it or brake it. You both have to agree on how to see eachother and be understanding. Also either of you will find its not what you can handle and may move on. Either way sit down and discuss how its to work. Everything else will fall in place.

I have just been through this with MY boyfriend of four months when school started in august. What we did was picked Monday and Tuesday (our days off) after I got out of class to hang out, and also Thursday nights I spend the night. I think it was way easier to plan it out, because if you try to just "see where things turn out," you'll find that you won't make time for him, and vice versa. We have set those days apart and have promised to not make any plans with anyone else. I just think it's a nice schedule we have. But everyone's different, so do what is right for your relationship and your schedules. :] good luck!

Well, definitely sit down together and discuss it. Whether or not you need to pick specific days to spend together or not will depend on the nature of both of you. Would you be inclined to pick days to hang out if you weren't starting school? If the answer is yes, then doing that now would be no different and would be fine. If the answer is no, then giving it a try is okay and it might work but I wouldn't force it. Be clear with yourself and your boyfriend what your priorities are and ask for his support. What that support looks like on any given day will change. What is most important is that you both be honest with yourselves and each other about how you feel about each situation as it arises. So, for example, if you had planned to see a movie together on Saturday but you are worried about a big exam on Monday and would feel better if you studied for it, you state what you need for yourself and from him and express how you feel about changing plans. Don't get too much into bargaining for time together ("oh, I couldn't go to the movies, so I will do something else to make up for it") but do be open to negotiating what each of you wants and needs. Also, consider reading the book "Truth in Dating" by Susan Campbell. Read it together and talk about it (if you have time before school starts that is).