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How to be more non-negative and more motivated

Published on November 4, 2010 by ebonymt

How should I think more about happy things and less about all the bad crap in my life? I'd also like to know more ways to keep myself motivated and give good motivational advice to my boyfriend. Thanks


Well,I can tell you I used to be a negative person and every now and then I get stuck in a rut just like everyone else, but I stay in faith and I trust in God to help me through it and that has helped me become a better person and I guarantee that if you do the same you'll be amazed how much better things will become for you. Will things always turn out the way you want,no,but you can ALWAYS trust that God has the best for you and when one door closes,another door with something even better WILL open. Best of luck to you and you and your boyfriend will be in my prayers.