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hotwife question

Published on August 1, 2012 by tftonls69

My husband has been making comments about me being his "hot wife" since the beginning of our relationship and I thought nothing of it, because I didn't know about the lifestyle. Recently, he has said several times during sex that he was going to bring someone home for me, and would I like that? After researching, we talked some about it and he said that it is purely fantasy and we wouldn't act on it-only fantasize together. My question is this: How likely is it that this will remain fantasy? After all that I have read, it seems like all in the lifestyle start with the fantasy butt always cross into really doing hotwifing.


Be honest with him. He's your husband. You don't have to do something you're uncomfortable with to feel "hot". I imagine he wouldn't fulfill a fantasy of yours he didn't feel comfortable with. If you end up doing something you feel uncomfortable with JUST to please him, you're going to resent your husband. Be honest and stay confident. He obviously thought you were hot before all of this! ;)

Thanks, IS13! You're right-he and I have a great relationship and should talk more. Guess I am unsure of myself more than I am of him. He is very comfortable with his sex/sensuality-more so than I.

Tell him you love him and are game for playing out his dirtiest fantasies as long as they stay just fantasies. You can be his naughty librarian, or pretend he's some hot stranger you just met in a bar, but he's the only one you want and no one will ever share your bed but him.

Do not give in to wife swapping or anything like that - one or both people almost always regret doing it.

hmmm. . . the question has two sides to it. The previous comments assume that you don't/shouldn't want something like that, that it should only be fantasy.

I say: whether it becomes reality should depend entirely on what you want. If you don't want it, then don't let it happen. If you do want it, you won't have a hard time making it happen. He's already curious. Either way, communicate!

That said: you wrote: in "all that I have read, it seems like all in the lifestyle start with the fantasy butt always cross into really doing" it. Don't pay much attention to that. That "fantasy evolving into reality" is a favorite theme, even a cliché, for those writing about it. And let's face it, it's almost inevitable that something like this is going to be fantasy before it becomes reality. But for every couple that it becomes a reality with, there must be 10 or 20 that it doesn't— it just doesn't really make for a good story when it doesn't. I mean, how often have you seen one titled, "How I Didn't Become a Hot Wife," or "How I Didn't Become a Cuckold?" It's not likely to draw too much audience. . .

My suggestion is that you should take a secret lover behind your husband's back. After you and he have laughed about your husband's fantasy and had sex many times, "plant" your lover at a local bar that you and your husband frequent. Force your husband to be friendly with this guy. Make sure the cocktial waitress knows you're "doing" the guy behind your husband's back so she can get a kick out of it too. Have your lover sit at the table with you and your husband. Finally, force your husband to "recruit" your lover to come home with the two of you!