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Hot and Cold Jerk

Published on August 3, 2012 by sali29

Mr. Black is fairly nice towards Meridith, then most times he is suddenly rude. He does this on and off with her. and favoring other people over her. Then at another time, Mr. Black will want to know more about her life. Then next minute treating her like she's a low-life. But he is consistently nicer to his other friends, even with females friends, he is consistently respectful. Whether other people are around or not, he is nice to them. However, with Meridith, he has a negative appearance. Shockingly, especially from seeing her three consecutive days, engaging in various activities with Angie, his wife, present, he suddenly changed on her the day after. He was very nice to her and asking questions to know her more (also his spouse was asking). They laughed and talked. Then a day after all of this, Mr. Black was not including her in something that was going on and ignoring her and acting jerk-like towards her. Only his close friends he was preferring. He has been like this towards her for many years. Only Angie, is nice to the Meridith. What do you suppose could be going on here to cause his change in mood around her?