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Give Advice: He Hides His Phone From Me—Should I Be Worried?

Published on August 8, 2011 by rachealherrera

When I touch or use his phone for something he's all over me. If I move or sit down he will be right there next to me, looking over my shoulder. If I Google something or use the internet, he always takes it away or say “let me do it.” He ALWAYS has his phone on him 24/7. He takes it with him when he goes to the bathroom, get a glass of water. He will NEVER leave it around me when he leaves for something. He has made a dating page before and he does watch porn on it. So could you see why I think he’s doing something? What should I do? If he leaves it by me and he’s out do something, should I look through it?


This guy has more to hide than just porn. It's something greater and your question should be whom he is hiding from you.

Sounds like you won't be getting a chance to look through it. Do you not have the kind of relationship where you can ask him? Four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them. Visit to find out more!

That's a red flag that other women contact him. This type of man is never happy with being in a monogamous relationship with one woman. His ego needs the attention of a harem. You can't change him. You have control over your own life. Even if you love him, you have to love yourself more and do what's best for yourself. Choose a man who meets all of your main needs and makes you his only romantic priority.

Thanks! your right I know he is hiding somthing, i mean the way he acts is just,... I just know he is i mean he made a dating page beofore. There is somthing up, and i told him not to call me until he tell me the truth. thanks for the advice, it means so much to me.!