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hickeys and bruising

Published on March 14, 2013 by jilly

I became intimate with a man in late January after a few weeks of knowing each other. We have been together now on five occassions and each time afterwards I have marks on me. I've had fingerprints on my arms and now shoulder as well as bruising from bite marks. It is passionate, almost to the point of too rough. He doesn't want to commit to a relationship but doesn't want me to date other men. And then he marks me. The marks are not visible if I'm in regular clothing. I am a bit worried too because he recently came back from deployment. I don't know if his year in Afghanistan having an affect on him as well.

Why mark me if he has no intention of a committed relationship? Why be jealous if he isn't interested in a committed relationship?


I think you really need to put some boundaries in place to protect yourself. It sounds like he wants the best of both worlds; being in a relationship and being single. And he doesn't want to lose you to someone else. I would have a frank discussion with him about what is acceptable and what isn't. It sounds to me like you aren't really comfortable with him marking you. Regardless of his time in Afghanistan, he needs to respect your body and you. Good luck.