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Hi me and my bf have been together for close to a year and i have faked every orgasm so far.

Published on March 3, 2010 by chelsie

I meen we dont have sex but we do other things, its not like it doesn't feel gud i just never get an orgy but i dont wanna hurt his feelings is it me or is it him that has the problem?


I don't know how old you are but I've heard that most women won't orgasm until they're in their mid 20's and even then some still don't. I don't think it's good to fake orgasm's to try to spare your boyfriend's feelings. That's like lying in the relationship. If it feels good and you enjoy what he's doing, just let him know that. You can even work with him to try different things if you're worried about orgasming. But honestly, it should really be about the closeness you feel with him regardless of if you climax or not.

Never have I faked an orgasm. Women need to stop this. It's so much harder to get a vaginal orgasm than a clitoral. If you fake them then he has the idea that you should always orgasm. My boyfriend expects me not to orgasm but know I still love sex.