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Here we go again

Published on August 1, 2012 by helthu1

Hi! Yesterday I went out with my friend, and got a bit drunk, but not that bad. She introduced me to her male friend, whom I thought looked good, and we started flirting a little. At the en of the night we end up taking a taxi home to my place (The plan was obvious, and that was also what I had in mind all along, so it was'nt some "bad-idea-sleeping-on-the-first-date-stuff") But when we get to my place, we can't stop talking to each other and the hours go by. We kiss and cuddle, but nothing more. We sleep in each others arms, and the next day he ends up getting late to work (at 15) because of us cuddling.

He invites me to visit him at work (waiter at a restaurant), and the next day he adds me on facebook. I realize that I'm really into this guy.. And as it may seem promising, I can't help looking back on all the burns that I've gotten in the past. My mind says that if you sleep with the guy too soon he looses interest. And his plans for the night was,obviously, only to have fun as well. I'm such a looser when it comes to first dates, and guys that I like, and this time it's really important that I don't make a fool of my self!

What to do next? Should I wait and see if he contacts me, or should I tell him that I like him and ask him out? I know that the least interest I show the better, but what if the night was only a one time thing and I turn out to be just "a friends-friend" ? I such at this!


Contact him. It'll peak his interest, but just suggest a casual date. Obviously, you weren't an "eww" factor at all. He snuggled with you then invited you to go spend time with him at work. He probably didn't choose to sleep with you cause he liked you too much. Communicate and be honest. But remember: the man needs to do the chasing. It's just that sometimes they're a bit hesitant and you have to drop a hint once in awhile ;)

Thank you for your support :) I actually met him again randomly last night, and the same think happened over again! No sex, just cuddling. The fact that he does'nt ever try is a huge pro for me. He told me he wanted to ask for my number the last time, but figured he could find me on facebook. Still, things could go badly but I'm hoping for the opposite, and I hope he knows that I care about him, but as you said still get the chase!

You're doing fine. So what if you went home to have sex and ended up talking for hours and falling asleep in each other's arms? That's good - you actually find each other interesting, other than just as bed-mates.

If you get many more dates into this relationship and he's still not trying to get you into bed (especially if you're making clear that you'd like to), THEN there are some questions to be answered. Is HE nervous; Is he wanting to wait for marriage; Is he gay; does he have a disease he's afraid of spreading, etc. For now, just be pleased that you seem to have found a fine man and that you very much enjoy each other.