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Helping or Harmful

Published on November 7, 2013 by nikki_j100

My friend is currently going through a breakup. His girlfriend of one year, through college mind you, decided to leave my friend high and dry. He started dating her during the summer term and through his eyes, he felt he could change her. She had her fair share of problems in the past however they were very questionable and quite frankly didn't add up. She had claimed to had been in a divorce and her ex husband beat her. That I believed however, the information started changing. Everyday a new tale would arise. Finding the information suspect, I told my sister who had been volunteering at a woman's victim center about my friends girlfriend, she reported the information to the director of interpersonal violence. The director had heard about the girl and that she had a file on her which said because of her metal state, she was a pathological liar and had been causing problems, accusing me of raping and beating her. She told my sister to have me contact everyone he knew and warn them about her. The girl in question eventually started stalking my house, thankfully my sister had been around to deter her from my home. I told my friend that she had been stalking me but of course he didn't believe me. I did not tell him that my sister and I protected him until a few days after the breakup because I didn't want to be overbearing or make judgement calls for him. She started trashing him on Facebook and started dating another guy soon after ditching my friend and leaving him with the apartment they were sharing, not to mention the college loans he took out for her. I only wanted to protect him in case she decided to go crazy again, which she did. Did I overstep my bounds as a friend and harmed him or did I help him? What else would y'all suggest I do to help?


You did the best you could. This girl is seriously unhinged. I am dealing with an ex friend much like this girl. However, your friend made choices and you did the best you could to protect him. He is responsible for his choices and their consequences. Hopefully he learned his lesson.

What you should encourage your friend to do and since you have a ton of information as well is to expose her lies and behavior to those who can be financially and emotionally harmed by her.