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Help save my relationship with my children

Published on October 4, 2010 by ccdail

I am recently divorced after 26 yrs of marriage. I have three girls ages 26, 19 and 17 and one boy age 6. I want them to have a relationship with their dad but I get jealous or mad or something everytime the girls do something with him. He cheated on me with our secretary who I was friends with, got her pregnant before we could even get divorced, got married to her the day after our divorce and now three months later has a baby with her. I cannot stand that my girls seem so accepting of everything their father and this woman have done. I feel like I should just get over it and move on but it really bothers me. What can I do?


I would strongly suggest that you get some support of help in coping with the fact that your children NEED a relationships with your ex. If you get in the way of that, you will become the 'bad guy' and will jeopardize your relationship with them. If you allow them to have free access to their father, they will feel free to develop their own ideas about who he is. You need to understand why you feel jealous, competitive, insecure, etc., because to project that onto your children will be to make them feel responsible for your feelings. This will come back to haunt you.