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Help me i cant stand the pain

Published on July 14, 2013 by kaytesi

Hello dear i wanted ur help how can i treat my sister's boyfriend and they son my sister is very ill on oxygen support due to the cause of havin an abortion she was forced by this same man the father of her kid my sister is not yet married to the guy yet although the father to the kid take care of all the responabilties even now dat my sister is in hospital the boyfriend still cares pays all most every thing and takes care of his kid with almst everything needed i have been talkin to my sister boyfriend blameing him why did he ever treat my sister the wrong way and why did he choose this kind of life for my sister he said when my sister is ok he wil come visit my parents and ask for my sister's hand in marriage i dont know if its true before my sister relatiönship this man frist dated me for abt 5weeks then when i went back to schøol in rwadan my ex boyfriend felt for my big sister there even have a son now but my sister has been living her life cause this man didnt want him close to her it hurts me dat this has tried to keep his son from his family and my sister didnt even know the name to the father kid till i presonally found out my relatives have been blamin this man but i defended him throughout even in court he payed money 4 the case to be closed its me stayin with the his son but of late this man has been disrepectin me. We are nt in the same country when i call him his busy even when his talkin to someone else and finds my missed call he wil nt call back so today we had a small argument and he told me that if i wasnt helpin him with one hrt then when i told him to come pick his son he said it was find that he is comin 4 him pilz help me i feel very hurt i love my sister sön so much coz his my family too and i dont think my sister wil come back to life again my sister 's son was my sister happiness and how can i improve my relationship with the father of my sister's son?


This sounds like a situation that is going to require a lot of patience and forgiveness on your part. Remember, the most important thing is your sister’s child. Your nephew’s needs have to come before your personal feelings towards his father. You don’t have to be best friends with him, you just need to maintain a solid enough relationship to stay in your nephew’s life and be there for him. His father is who he is, and that isn’t going to change. The best you can do is be patient (without letting yourself become a doormat to him) and maintain as peaceful a relationship as you can. Try talking to him in a constructive way about how you can best help take care of your nephew. Make it about the child, not each other. Good luck.