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Help me feel more secure

Published on July 3, 2010 by tara_martin1102

My wedding is in September and my fiancee wants me to tone down my jealousy and insecurity before then or he won't marry me, the jealousy ranges from celebrities on tv or his past ex girlfriends. For some reason I can't get over the things hes done in the past, mainly because hes told me they were amazing in bed or something of the sort to get me to stop asking about them. We have a daughter and I want nothing more than to grow old with him and for us to raise her as a family. In the past I was Anorexic and Bulimic and that took a toll on our relationship as well as my depression, I am on medication now but that only helps but so much. Everyone tells me im gorgeous, that I could model, blah blah blah and some days I believe them but I always mess it up when i compare myself to everybody else, How do i stop this?


First of all,you don't need to compare yourself to anyone else. You need to see yourself the way God sees you. He loves you no matter what just as He loves all of us so just ask him to help you conquer your fears and I promise you He WILL do it! Just trust Him. If you have a good thing with your fiancee don't let jealousy and insecurity get in the way because it will ultimately destroy your relationship. The past is the past,don't let it ruin your future. I will be praying for you.