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help me confused

Published on September 10, 2013 by aa050908

so heres the situation i meet this guy while he has been deployed serving our country and i really like him talking to him puts a smile on my face he is very sweet and caring that i can tell keep in mind we have yet to meet face to face he states that he sees himself being able to fall in love with me dont get me wrong i think is a line but i dont know what to say or think he texts me when he can he calls me twice to three times a week as often as he can and we speak for hours which to me means we have some sort of connect. so heres the situation he states that he wants me to date him and be his girlfriend but its not right since he is not here to physically ask me is he full of bs and should i be warned or should i just go with it? i really like him how do i know he is true and serious? please help me he ios to come home in a week or so.