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Help i'm stuck

Published on April 2, 2012 by single and i hate it

I really like this guy in my class but he and i are in different classes because our class is to big so it is split in two. We were really close last year and everyone says we should go out. I want to but he doesn't talk to me as much because of popularity. It's a problem in when your class total is 30. if anyone can help figure out what to do i would really appreciate it.


Well, leave him alone. If a guy likes you, he will talk to you regardless of "popularity". Maybe he doesn't talk to you because he isn't interested in talking to you. The best way to know is to ask him.

He knows where you are. He's apparently not a shy person, and would ask you out if he was interested. Unfortunately, in my experience, it never works when a woman has to make the initiative. Guys like the chase, and unless they are painfully shy, they always get around to asking out the girl they're interested in. God or fate has someone better in store for you. Take care.