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Help I have a relationship that is not working but i also have a crush on someone at work?

Published on November 13, 2013 by pumpkin99

I have a relationship that i have been in for 10 years my boyfriend is a nice guy but he likes to drink...he does not work and i do he does have some health problems i understand, but i a crush on someone at work! I really like this other man he is a sweet heart. There has been some flirting back and forth between us the staring all of that he gave me some compliments that were very sweet, the only thing that bothers me is that he is my boss and will avoid me if the other boss is there like example: He won't bag for me if this other boss is up there because i think he is attracted to me and they know it.. I am not sure that is why i am asking what you guys when she is not there he will bag for me joke with me all of that... anyway the last time I worked with him he did the bagging thing so the next day i ignored him and sure enough he came right over and spoke to me I spoke back but not much...just to let him know im not the one any way he got the message. He was on his way to leave the last time i worked with him and we were doing this whole stare from across the room thing and when he got ready to leave he blew me a kiss...I was very suprised and shocked. I did not know how to respond because i had a customer but i waved how do i find out more to know if if likes me back...what am i going to do?


He totally likes u!!!! But it must be hard to pick between the guy your dating right now and the guy u like.... Who makes u feel special??? Who gives u that warm feeling inside?? Who makes u smile just by smiling at you??