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Give Advice: He Won't Answer My Texts

Published on June 20, 2011 by omshanti

I got a guy's phone number at my cousin's wedding a couple weeks ago and after less than a day of texting him, he stopped responding to my messages. After asking him some random questions, I said "So tell me about yourself Mr. Brown." He didn't respond. I felt like I was interrogating him since he wasn't asking me any I let him know that as well...and he didn't respond either. I then let him know that I possibly wanted to pursue a relationship with him at some point...and of course he didn't respond to that either. Three days after we met, he left for Canada, where he plays football for the CFL 6 months out of the year. I was hoping that in 6 months we'd be to the point where we could start hanging out or something, but he isn't talking to me. I sent him a message a few days after the last one asking if he made his trip safely and if he got settled in....but no response. I really want to talk to this guy, I know that we have a couple things in common: we both like dancing and pitbulls. He has a pitbull and I always wanted one. I plan to take things very slow with this guy since I just got out of a 10 year relationship a couple weeks ago and it's beyond salvaging. I met my ex when I was 14 and he was 13 and we were instantly dating from the time that we met. We got to know each other along the way, and I was diagnosed with Graves' disease during our relationship. That pretty much ruined the relationship (not blaming it completely on the disease), but he also turned into a person I no longer loved. Since it was my first relationship, I now know what I want from a man...and my ex is definitely not it.

So anyway, how long should I wait to talk to this guy and should I just stick to asking random questions? I don't really like doing that, but I'm not sure how else to get to know him through texting.


Thanks in advance for your help!!! 


Stop texting, its a terrible way to communicate, too easy to create misunderstandings. Try phone calls.

To put it bluntly, if he wants to talk to you he will. Sorry babe, this guy is just not that into you. Stop wasting your time on him and find someone who is.

Sorry but I have to agree with RedSky here, if he was interested in taking things further he would be responding.

I had a girlfriend that I ended up parting ways with, primarily because of her insistence that we communicate via texting. Niceguyhubby already said it, but because of my own personal experience, I just had to respond. Text is great if you need to tell your bf to pick up eggs from the market...not so great for having anything meaningful to say.