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Published on May 30, 2014 by geminidmn

9 mos ago I met a younger guy he met me asked me if I had an issue with younger men, I said no. we met dated 3-4 times and then we had sex. weve been together since. he has asked me several times where are we and told me he loved me. I was married 27 yrs I wanted to protect myself so I never really answered him. a few weeks ago he was upset over something and he told me he wanted to see other people. he did and the first night they had sex. we got back he broke up with her and now he tells me he wants to play not be exclusive to me, I still want to see him and he me but what do I do now?


Hello geminidmn,

I understand you are back with the younger man and he now doesn’t want to be exclusive with you. And I hear you want to know what to do now. I’m curious what would you like to do? What are the options you’re considering?

I hear that after 27 years of marriage you wanted to protect yourself. I understand there are certainly a variety of reasons you could feel you needed to protect yourself. I’m curious what your reasons were for needing to protect yourself.

There are a few things I’d love to talk to you about to help you make this decision. 1.I’d like to help you confirm what you’d like from this man and from a relationship with him or in general. And how to ask for and receive what you want.

2.I’d like to help you get to an emotional place where you could trust a man. This will give you the opportunity to truly be able to have a caring and loving relationship with a man.

3.I’d like to help you be safe sexually. He had sex with another woman. Did he use a condom? He wants to continue to have sex with other women. How will you keep yourself safe sexually? The highest number of new cases of sexually transmitted diseases is in people over 50 because we don’t know how to talk about it with our partner. (I realize I’m making an assumption about your age because of how long you were married. And no matter your age I’d still like to make certain you’re staying safe.)

I hope you’ll write to me. You’re welcome to use my personal email address –

Wishing you all the best,

Coach Christine Your Tango Expert