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Published on January 9, 2014 by mwright0601

My boyfriend of 6 months has ignored me for 3 days now. It's a long distance relationship and before that he was very negative towards me. Every time I would ask a question he would get upset. This last time I asked when he was coming home and he got mad and hung up on me because he said I asked him the same question last week. Every time I mention something that I don't like that he does he ignores me and never wants to talk about the situation. It's very annoying because this isn't the first time he has ignored me but it's the longest time. Also when we do make up he doesn't want to talk about what the issue was lately. I'm very confused. I reached out to him on Monday after he hung up on me on Sunday and he ignored me. I haven't reached out to him since then. What should I do?


It worries me that you're dealing with someone who feels like it's okay to hang up on you and ignore your messages. His handling of conflict sounds poor. Your message leads me to believe that there are some serious roadblocks to making this relationship work.

Unfortunately the only thing you have control over here is your reaction to all of this. The best thing to do is concentrate on yourself. Focus on your own life. If he comes around with a big apology, then great. If he doesn't, then you'll be living your fabulous life and it won't matter that he went mute. The spiral of conflict is a really hard one to work with in any relationship, but doubly so when it comes to long distance.