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Published on October 20, 2013 by claire12345

me and my boyfriend have been going out for quite a while, he has become less attractive, put on weight and does not seem to care what i think of him, i am a very self consiouc person and hve very low self esteem and i have only recently got this since going out with him. he has a type (long blonde hair, blue eyes,short, cute, big bum and thin) and i am the complete oppisite (tall, hazel eyes, thin, no bum, and brown hair) it seems to get me down thinking that i am not his ideall girl as i always think he is wishing i looked different, and that he is just being a slob because he thinks he is too good for me. i am a girl who always wants to please people, i always want a boy who will think i am perfect and act like it, even though he says it i can tell the way he acts that its not true. when we have sex i always think he is imagining someone else,he has had sex with more people than i ahve and i always think he is comparing me to them although i try really hard to make it good. i just struggle with the fact that i am not good enough and that he is always wishing i looked like someone else and that maybe if i looked different he would treat me better and it hurts me.i dont know how to handle the situation because i love him and when i try talking to him about it he just tells me to shut up because i sound stupid and annoying.i dont know what to do because its making me go crazy


I would get rid of him and find someone who will treat you like their queen. Couples are supposed to communicate not tell each other to shut up. Seriously try and talk but if he continuously wont listen leave his ungrateful a** on the curb.

I agree that you need to open up the lines of communication. It can be very difficult to get over personal insecurities, but you should be with someone who you feel comfortable expressing these things to. If he doesn't listen or support you, he might not be worth it. He may feel comfortable in the relationship and doesn't feel like he has to impress you, so he may not understand how or why you feel the opposite. He may have a "type," but it could just be fantasy. I would not worry that he's picturing someone else when he's with you. If he wanted to be with someone short, blonde, etc., don't you think he would be with that person now? He likes you for you, although you may not feel that way right now. Again, sit down and talk with him. If he blows off the conversation or brushes off your expressed feelings, it may be time to reconsider the relationship.