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Published on July 17, 2013 by call_meh_veronica

ooh so here is it , a little complicated..when i was in primary school i had a frenemy relationship with a classmate.He was a boy living two blocks after my house and we also used to go school together.among all girls i was the one closest to him.And it looked as if he cared for me a lot.therefore i would like to mention i was a tom boy back then, with the shortest hair and ugly face. when we were promoted for high school , we fell apart as i moved from the city. Fast forward 1 year later. i sent him a later , nothing serious " you're a football , lose some weight fatso" sorta stuff, he replied with funny words.then when i decided to write a reply , my friend , through whom i was sending those letters started pulling my legs saying we , me and that boy is having something and stuff like that.then i left that school. fast forward 2 years later A fine morning i woke and realized i actually love him and kept saying i hate him. after 2 months or so i received a later from the friend , who used to pull my legs. there she wrote .."the boy has sent a letter to sarah , an old classmate , we were together in the primary school then later on my first high school , through me ..the letter reads , dear sarah , i love you , if you love me too , i'll be more than happy and if you dont , i'll forget you. sarah rejected his proposal saying " this is a time to build a career" fast forward 3 years later they boy promised he would forget sarah but he didnt , in the mean time i forgot him until in this years 5th january i received a call from him. there i talked with him aqnd my other friend who pulled my leg. we talked one more time after that , fought over stupid issues . then i wrote him a letter telling him to forget sarah. he tore it apart and said "tell her not to poke her nose into my life "..meanwhile the boy and sarah met in our old school , there the boy chase4d her and she kept running.then i went to meet him , we didnt talk much , at first i ignored him , i was doing kiddish things , i do when i get nervous. and the i walked towards him , he said i aint growing up ...the next day he went to the mentioned leg pulling friend's house and told her i'm a drama queen ..till now we dont have any connection anymore. I can forget him , i hate him so much and he's giving me a heart attack , WHAT SHOULD I DO??????????????