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He wants to watch me with another man... should I?

Published on May 19, 2009 by iglownow

He wants to watch while I enjoy myself... says he watches me as we have sex now but wants to see my face and how my body responds from another point of view. He is letting me decide if I want to choose the other guy or let him do the choosing... Has anyone else done this?? I don't think it wll effect us afterwards... but...would love to hear some advice...


Personally, I wouldn't appreciate being asked to do this. I think it'd be uncomfortable having sex with another man while he watched. If he wants to see you from another angle, maybe suggest video taping the two of you? This could be a sexy alternative.

If you feel uncomfortable, don't do it. If you feel comfortable, talk it out with your SO. Figure out boundaries and what is mutually acceptable. Or like Clueless suggested, some other alternatives.

My boyfriend wants to do this exact thing along with possible having a threesome. I would suggest you set some boundries and look more into it before making a huge decision to do this. Get all your feelings and concerns out in the open and make sure you cover everything. For us he would watch but he can interact, the other male can only give me oral or vaginal intercourse, I can suck this other mans cock but that is all. My boyfriend loves my breast but he has declaired them off limits to this other guy. I had some issues about the three some I was concerned that he might develope an attraction to another female or pay her more attention then to me, I was also a little concerned that he may want to do her more and in private without my knowledge... so we made rules for this as well. If you are not comfortable or it bothers you then do not do it, also if your relationship is not where it should be then for gods sake do not do it. Hope this helped you!

My 37 year marriage is ruined because of this. It all starts off with let me see you with another guy. Then your husband can fool around and not feel so guilty about it. Or even if you make rules about your threesome. My husband broke the rules, There are too many things that can happen that you cannot fathom. Dont do it... I now find out that my husband was bi-sexual. I got a std and my husband didn't even care. Then he started seeing the other guy I was with and let him move into my office and told me to move out. Dont do it..... Stay sweet and make your sex life exciting between yourselves.

What are marriages coming to? I'm sorry, but I mean you are suppose to be with one man one woman not many men or many woman. I don't mean to sound rude or dispectful I just dont think it's right to include others in your sex life like this. Use mirrors if he wants to see you from another angle or explore in other ways not involving anyone else.