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He wants to see me, should I see him? (post break up)

Published on October 4, 2013 by mini_m00se

I hope this makes the most since in this category.

My boyfriend of one year just recently broke up with me after spending a great time together and seeing my family again. The next day I stayed a little longer than anticipated after driving us back from the visit (I had driven over 10 hours over 2 days). We ended up in an argument and I asked about the relationship. He preceded by saying he wanted a break up and said the reason for the break up at the moment was because he was angry, and felt forced to break up as well as that he wasn't sure about long term goals. Breaking became more of a discussion and we talked about more than we've ever talked about openly. Also while breaking up he continued to tell me how much he loved me and how I was the first person he has ever loved and still loves. He continued to hold me and be affectionate, while using pet names as well. Even pulling me over to cuddle and rest with him. While I was leaving after the break up discussion, he asked me to see him the next weekend to go out and do some of the things I told him I had wanted to do as a couple. This further hurt me. I don't know why or can think of any reason someone would want to see the person they just dumped so soon and do things that a couple would do. I am aware this could cause more pain, but unfortunately this kind of sparked a hopefulness in me. I know where I stand on the issue. I love him greatly and I still want the relationship to continue and grow. He is fully aware of this as well from the discussion. He seemed insistent on meeting up again. Should I at all consider seeing him so soon? What could possibly be his motive?

moreover, I afraid that by not seeing him, he may see this as I truly don't care and that our relationship clearly won't work. He has said he thought the above statement before after a phone call argument we had a long time ago and that I didn't pick up the second time he called. But on the other hand I am afraid he will emotionally devastate me again. I have worked on a lot of personal problems (depression) during our relationship and feel as though I was becoming a better person and our relationship was getting better. This break up was out of the blue and seemed spur of the moment to me. We're both 22 and 25 is that's relevant.