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Is he tying to get revenge or does he truly like me?

Published on April 6, 2012 by curiousthicw

Broke up with a guy 2 years 1/2 ago we hangout but i'm not sure if he wants revenge on me or he truly like me or have feeling for me. or if he wants me back. it's hard to read him and he's not good with telling how he feels. trying to read his body language is confusing cause i sometimes miss read. so can u help?


Girl, get a hold of yourself! He may just want to hang out with you. Guys do that; it doesn't have to mean anything more than what it is--two people chilling together. Why on earth would he want revenge? Did you end on bad terms? If so, most guys wouldn't want to go back into a minefield like that, even if they felt they were wronged.

If he's "not good with telling how he feels" then this isn't something you should want to restart now. Communication is key to good relationships, but if you're this paranoid about someone coming back to hurt you after TWO AND A HALF YEARS, I'm sorry, but I don't think this is going to work out even if he does like you again.

Try hanging out with other people, and explain to him that you're confused. There's no sense getting annoyed with him if he doesn't have a chance to defend himself. Like I said before, Communication.