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Is he trying to get me pregnant?

Published on August 30, 2009 by mindblown

Me and my boyfriend were together for two years, we just recently broke up. About a few weeks ago, we started having sex again. During our entire relationship, we talked that if I got pregnant, then I would get an abortion. That is something I am totally against. I am not on any birth control, nor have I been during our entire relationship. (for personal health reasons) Since he has been coming over, he has been ejaculating in me, something he would only do while on was on my period, but it was when I told him I was ovulating. He knows that I am wanting to date other people. He even told me that maybe he should get me pregnant, so I wouldn't sleep with anyone else. He even told me that if I was pregnant, that he doesn't want me to get an abortion. The major problem is that he has been seeing this other woman. I know I sound like a bad person, but thats a totally different LONG story. He even told this girl that I might be pregnant as well. So I don't know what his motives are and if I'm just imagining it. Please help!


Well to be blunt, your both very being very irresponsible in this situation. No doubt in my mind that the guy is a dork and he wants to try and gain some sort of control over you if he can get you pregnant.

You on the other hand are not off the hook because you allow him to have sex with you when you should tell him to get lost. I'll commend you on the one fact that you said your against abortion. It's never the fault of a baby and a baby should never be killed just because a woman gets pregnant.

The thing is, YOU have control to tell this guy to get lost and not have sex with him in the first place though and you have so far not done that. You’re allowing him to have sex with you when you realize that you very well could end up pregnant. That part makes no sense, sorry. You need to get yourself in check real fast and stop having sex with him and tell the guy to take a hike.

It sounds like he wants to get you pregnant so he can keep you to himself. It sounds like he wants to have two girlfriends. Stay away from him!

It would not be good for your baby to be born to an irresponsible guy who would create a child just to keep you dancing on his string. Hold out for a real man.

Why are you still sleeping with him if you know he's seeing someone else?

If you stop sleeping with him TOTALLY, then you wouldn't have to worry about him getting you pregnant, would you?

Whats your medical reason for him not wearing a condom the thought of two people agreeing that an abortion is an answer to getting pregnant. wtf niether of you should be allowed to reproduce or be able to in the future. I think you should tell him to get lost. you should go to the gym work out till you have some self respect.

If you are against abortions then why did you agree that you would get one if he got you pregnant? That's what condoms are made for. If you don't take birth control at least make him wear a condom. Otherwise you will get pregnant and abortion isn't the answer. Either way if he is seeing someone else stop sleeping with him all together. He could catch something from her and it would be passed to you since there is no protection being used.