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He told me he's not interested.But he's actions shows he is.

Published on February 11, 2012 by baileylovesme

He keeps staring at me and he acts stupid and shy when I walk by..he's friends keep making fun of me..and when he's with his friends all his friends look at me and he stays turned around..he keeps coming near me..and when I have class he stands in front of the door and stares inside/


He likes you but he cares even more what his friends think. He needs a bit more time to mature.

He likes know little bit about you wants have something with you but to worried about what his friends think he needs time to mature he's not ready for healthy relationship.

Well, I would just be yourself and continue doing what you normally do. This is something he has to think through at the right time. The timing needs to be his.

The only thing is that he's shy and he cares about what his friends think..just because i'm younger..but you can tell that he has interest..but the situation hasn't changed for a while..advice?