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He tells me he doesnt know what he wants. What does that mean?

Published on February 4, 2010 by toldyouso09

I started dating this guy and then a few days later he broke up with saying he wants to be friends for now and see where it goes because he doesnt know what he wants. we still talk everyday and text all the time. He sometime throws me signs he wants to go back into a relationship and othertimes he throws me ones of lets just be friends. I really dont know what to do about this and none of my friends do either.


It sounds like he's leading you on. You don't mention whether or not your "just friends" is a FWB situation. If it is, I'd see it as him just using you for sex. He'd be benefiting by getting a booty call when he wants but not have to deal with any kind of commitment or strings attached. If this is not the case and you are just friends, then maybe he is just confused. Maybe he likes you but doesn't know how much he likes you. Maybe he's keeping his options open because there's another girl. Who knows what's really up with him? If he's throwing you for a loop just let him know where you stand. If you want a relationship with him tell him that. If he isn't willing to give that and you don't want to wait for him to make up his mind (which seems like that's the case) I'd say to move on. As they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

i totally agree wiv that advice...every option is a possible reason for his indecisiveness...

I think he likes having you around, but does not want a relationship yet. If you are fine with just being friends for a while, then stay friends with him. He may never want a relationship with you, but dont let it go too far physically because then he is going to start using you for that and that only.

Sounds like this guy doesn't know what he wants either. Odds are if you get into a relationship with him again, he'll pull the same stunt. Don't take it personally. It sounds like he doesn't know himself enough to know what he wants. Don't waste your time on this.

Sounds like he KNOWS what he wants, and it's NOT you. But instead of being alone, he would rather have you around, just in case. It really sounds like this guy is waiting around for better or he wants to play the field.