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Is he shy or just not into me?

Published on June 1, 2010 by singlesexymom

I have a mad crush on the father of a young man who comes to me once a week for a tutorial (I am a teacher). Although our relationship is professional, over the last year we have had a few dinners and went skiing. He has custody of his girls and spends most of his time driving them everywhere. I have a son. We have many common friends. Over time I have come to truly admire and respect this man on a number of levels. Both of us have Master's degrees and are athletic and equally attractive. We have had several long glances that made my heart skip, and we have hugged goodnight. But we have never been alone together and we have never kissed. I love sitting next to him when we stay for a movie, and I enjoy the company of his kids (as does my daughter). He's a spiritual man, and not someone to "fool around." But he hasn't made a move and I'm afraid of upsetting our professional relationship. My friend suggested I would have to be the first to make the move because he is too shy. I am not convinced. Should I tell him how I feel or wait?


It's understandable that you don't want to upset your professional relationship. But from your post, it seems that you're more than just professional now, you're friends too. Obviously he enjoys your company. Do you think you can still be friends and professional with him if he doesn't want to date? Life is short, if you have feelings for someone, you should let them know.