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he said nothing happened at the strip club, should i believe him?

Published on January 8, 2012 by lkm743

My boyfriend and a group of guys went to st. Louis for a weekend, he said they went to a strip club but there was no contact of any kind. I don't care if there was, I just want him to be honest w me. Should I believe him or are there certain questions I should be asking? Don't all strippers get up on individual tables and put there chest and ass in the guys faces for tips? I've been to a few and that has always been the case. What do u guys think? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


I think this answer lies within your definition. The likelihood of your boyfriend planting a tip somewhere on this woman's body is high if he consiously goes to a strip club. That is the point of of going. In fact, let me pull out truly liberal Heidi Lee and let you know that tipping the dancers is a common courtesy, and these girls - no matter their stories - need the money.

Do I believe that because he tipped a stripper that anything happened? Not at all. The question is not - "did anything happen?" The question needs to be more specific to your definition of "anything". If you don't care that he went to a strip club - you are likely confident enough with yourself to know that nothing really did happen. He and his buddies were just being boys.

Has this man ever given you a reason not to trust him? If so, then you may need to be asking a very different question. If; however, he was simply on a weekend getaway with his buddies, I would let it go and assume that the two of you have different definitions.

Sweetie, there isn't a wrong answer to how comfortable you are with the strip club situation - you have every right to feel how you feel - from liberal to conservative. The important thing is that you feel good knowing that you are with this man - and that you trust him. Make sense?

I do hope this helps. I've actually lived your experience myself and found that the situation was harmless.

Warm Regards, Heidi Lee

Thank you for your thoughts Heidi. I agree with everything that you said. Tipping the strippers...seems normal right? But he says no contact, and that included not tipping. His claims just seem to me to be so unlikely, which is why I have more questions. And makes me think that a lot more happened if he can't even admit to tipping strippers, which would be completely normal. If he can't even say that tipping happened, should I believe that? Or should I wonder how far things really went when they were there? To be honest, I suppose I won't be completely satisfied or let this go until I hear about something that would make sense to me. A group of that many guys going to a strip club and nothing, even something as innocent as tipping took place?? Come on now, that is unbelievable to me. But where do I go from here? How do I bring it up again, after he already go upset with me of questioning his story to begin with.

exactly, so why not just say that though? That's why I'm questioning. I just want him to be him to be honest about it all. Maybe I should just let it go and believe him. It just seems strange to me.

HE just tipped a fellow stripper on her boobs: big deal. He is not allowed to stimulate her nipples or anything of that sort, if that's what you were worried about (it's against the law!!!!). More questions? Please ask me; I happen to be a part time stripper as well.

There is nothing strange in any of this; you're the one making a big fuzz over this. You really think he touched her innapropiately or something?!

Strippers are (in their majority) honest people making extra money to provide for their family (most have more than one or two jobs) by TEASING men, not by pleasing them. Next time? go with him, get a few singles and put them in their thong.