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Is he really into me or is he just usinng me?

Published on September 7, 2010 by jordon

When i first met the guy i am seeing, things were great and i was always sleeping over, until a week later i found out he had a girlfriend who he had been with for a few months. We talked it out and he said that he actually really liked me and that he wanted to be with me, but it just wasnt good timing, but he didnt want to stop seeing me. Its now 2 months later and he is still with his girlfriend and is still with me. I sleep over at his house all the time, but every time hes not with me, he's with his girlfriend and it drives me crazy. The thing i dont understand is that i have offered to leave and get out of his life but he doesnt want me to leave. I have told him before that if he doesnt make a choice between me and her that i would just leave, but he always trys to change my mind and gets the better of me. When things seem fine between us, they really arnt. I know he spends time with her, but i know for a fact not as much as i spend time with him. He will cancel their dates to stay with me, so i never know what going through his mind. So the question is, is he really into me or is he just using me?



Let me explain from a guy's perspective what is going on. Please forgive me, but for your sake I'm going to be brutally honest. Your guy friend has the second best situation possible from a "getting laid" perspective.

I'll be you are pretty cool to be around and most guys would give anything to date you. So, he likes you, makes love to you when he can fit you in, and you know about the "other woman" and you are still with him and still have sex with him. Are you starting to see the light? What's not to like?

The only better situation for the guy is for both girls to know about each other and neither of you cares and neither of you makes him wear a condom.

So, this situation can end in any of several ways... if you are in to a threesome, find out if she knows about you and if she does, suggest a sleepover. Then you can check her our, make sure she isn't a skank with anal warts, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Herpes, a Syphillis Chancre on her labia, a roaring yeast infection with some Trichimonas on the side and HIV or Hep C for good measure. Get the drift? If he is having sex with her, so are you... every time he comes in you.

If you still don't mind. you have your answer. Now on the other hand, if she doesn't know about you... It's only a matter of time...

Please use condoms every time. Get your friend to Planned Parenthood for a free STI checkup and HIV testing.

Good luck and have fun!

find another man if you have questions then you know deep down inside he is not the one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!