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is he really done with me?

Published on April 7, 2010 by

we have been together for over a year and lived together the entire time.....we get along great when we are together but my friends and me drinking makes us the other day he broke up with me and said he needs time to think...b/c we got into a big fight about me textin a guy back but i didnt delete it i wasnt trying to hide it...........but he got really mad and broke up with me which there have been trust issues in the past but told me to get my things. so i got most of just confused if hes just trying to teach me a lesson cuz he knows im hurting or if hes really done...the only answer ive gotten was he just needs time to think about things cuz he done know if he can trust me anymore....and he didnt know if it wouild be 2 wks 2 months or if we ever got back together ive told him id change alot of things cuz i have relized whats important to me and whats not....i know i should call or text but i do...its hard not to? im scared he will move on but the day before we broke up he was saying how much he didnt want to lose me and how much he loved idk im confused on whats going on...he dont call me but he does answer mine and he text me back...


hey, im kind of going through the same thing. i've been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years and we've lived together for almost 2 years. we have our normal couple fights but lately hes been talking about breaking up. we both realize things need to change to make it work but he keeps saying hes done and he doesnt trust me or believe me when i say i will change because this time i am ready and willing to change. i've never done anything to betray his trust and it hurts when he tells me he doesnt trust me. he said he doesnt know how much time he needs to think about this and he feels he cannot be himself anymore. i'm willing to give him time to figure things out and i am fighting so hard for this relationship, i feel your hurt and pain and i totally understand how your feeling. if you really love him let him know and fight for the relationship, do not give up but dont hurt yourself while doing it and by that i mean dont make yourself feel bad, dont sit in your room and cry for him all day, go out and live like theres nothing wrong, i know its hard to do at this point but at least try. just dont give up until you know hes really done.

Why are there trust issues in your relationship? Have you cheated on him in the past? Or is he unreasonably jealous in an unhealthy way? Regardless, you've already let him know that you want to work things out and change to make that happen. If he needs time, you should give him that but be realistic with yourself about how long you are willing to wait. If say after 2 months it doesn't look like he's interested in getting back together you should try to move on. If you do end up getting back together you really need to work through these trust/jealousy issues or it's not going to work out anyway and you'll end up back in the same place.

Sounds like even he doesn't know what he wants. He might just need what he says, time to think.