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Is He Pulling on my leg or being honest?

Published on January 7, 2010 by xoxoroyalorchid18

My name is Liz, and Im from Toronto Canada. Now, I have a major dating problem. Heres whats happened: I met this really wonderful guy during my first debate tournament (hes in my school). We talked and had a good time- I kinda began thinking that he was flirting with me ( i am usually oblivious when guys flirt thats why). In the next debate meeting, he literally ran to sit next to me- which made me think more that he might like me. Whenever, he and I are alone, we always have fun, and laugh. Theres no awkward moments :) Hes really a gentleman- hes sweet, kind, and smart! lol So during the winter break , my friend invited him and I to hang out. What was funny, was that, he and I were always alone. We talk about almost anything and have an honest relationship. Everything led me to believe that he liked me, but the weirdest thing happened. He invited me to his house for a "party" on new years eve, little did I know,that I was the only one there...with his parents and his parents friends. He and I went out for a walk, and hes like: do you like me? and I said: do you? and hes like: honestly, i like you as a friend...and I quickly replied me too. He told me that there was this girl, that he likes, and there might be a chance that she likes him back.

So now, Im confused, more than ever. Is he pulling on my leg, about liking me as a friend? or is he being honest, and actually like me as a friend>? or is he using me, incase things dont work out with the other girl?

Cos how could I have imagined everything that happened to us?

Please help :)


He's into you. Bust seriously, don't dance around this whole issue of "do you like me". If you are, then say so. Get it out of the way now. Don't be coy, just tell him you like him in plain terms. Then go from there.