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He is perfect...but...

Published on December 5, 2010 by kkellyy15

Right at the point in time where I was just about to conclude that I only attract jerks, I meet him.  He's incredibally nice, sweet and chivalrious.  He comes from a very big, religious family.  He makes me laugh.  He's undeniably smart.  He's lean.  He's fit.  He's hard-working and successful.  He's even letting me borrow one of his guitars and teaching me how to play it, an instrument that I've wanted to learn how to play for years.  Basically he treats me like royalty.  But I'm only attracted to him sometimes.  He's tall, he's lanky and yet fit, from the shoulders down he's perfect.  But?  There's no spark.  I feel insanely shallow, but?  I can't help it. A part of me wants this to work so badly.  Being in my final year of college, I haven't met a guy this perfect since my freshman year (huge mistake letting that one go...). Now I don't have a difficult time meeting guys - I often get a hard time from all my friends for the way that I "jump" from guy to guy.  Honestly, I felt like if this new man knew about my past escapades I'd be kicked to the curb.  But hey?  I have my reasons.  I'm looking for Mr. Perfect.  And I feel like I'm so close... Or am I just telling myself that? I like him.  But there's just something about him that turns me off.  What do I do?


take it slow with him,he might turn u on in the future.very big religious family this is a turn off. I know bad boys turn u on so just b his friend

I read your post and it really seems as though you've put some unreasonable pressure/deadline on yourself. i.e.

---"A part of me wants this to work so badly. Being in my final year of college, I haven't met a guy this perfect since my freshman year (huge mistake letting that one go...)"

---I "jump" from guy to guy.

---I'm looking for Mr. Perfect. And I feel like I'm so close!

It's not a back to "What do I do?" NOTHING! Isn't that great?! It's okay to do nothing about this guy. Just go with the flow. What a liberating feeling!

~wish you the very best,

You are young and have been having fun. It's not wise to settle down so young, so you've been doing the right thing, and seeing what kind of guys are out there, and what your needs are. He deserves someone who has chemistry with him. You deserve to be with someone who you are totally physically attracted to. It would be nice if you had chemistry with this nice guy, but you don't , and it will never work out. Yes, I agree with the other poster. Keep on looking. You can have it all!