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Is he the one or a waste of my time?

Published on May 6, 2012 by kay44


I have been with my boyfriend about 7 1/2 years now. He is 37 and I'm 26.  We are both working, he has settled down with his career for the past 3 years he lives several states away from me (17 hours drive). He is happy with his job and makes good money, which he spends on himself.( like buying a new bmw, expensive clothes etc). He never buys me super nice stuff, he would buy himself a 600-700 outfit and i would walk out with nothing. I'm not saying he should taking me on shopping sprees but usuauly guys spend money like that on their woman. 


 I'm  also done with school and also working, I'm happy with my career choice and salary. At this point of my life, I'm ready for the next chapter of my or our life, but I'm not sure if he is there. Although we have discussed marriage , and he has promised he wll have a ring for me more than a year ago, I feel like if I ask him one more time about marriage , it may sound like I'm begging him.  Also now I'm wondering if he is seeing somone else. He does not come to visit me, we have not seen each other for about 5 months. he can easily flight out to see me, money is not an issue , even when he is nearby like 2 or 3 hours away on a business trip, he makes no efforts to see me, although he makes every effort to see his parents.  



I'm not sure what i should do. friends and family think i deserve better and that I'm wasting my time.  they think he is immature, selfish, and  baby around by his parents. 


is he cheating on me? I dont understand what guy doesnt want see or even have sex with his girlfriend for almost 6 months, specially when the opportunity is a 2 hour drive or 45 mins flight. 

should i wait around or call it quits ?


It doesn't sound like you two a good fit.

He obviously doesn't love you, and you know it.

I'm glad you figured this out now, before you married him. It's time to move on a find someone who suits your personality better.

thanks for your reply.

but we actually do have lot in common, our personalities are very similar except for the selfishness, he grow up spoiled, I didn't.