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is he into me or just liking me cuz i like him?

Published on November 6, 2010 by marcibaby

So i got up the courage to ask this guy to hang out besides being at church functions. I got his number and weve been texting for a few weeks. We went on a great date but because of his schedule it was late at night. We were both laughing and i fell for this hot smile he has. He is a very busy guy- works 12 hour days a few days a week and 17 credits at chef school. He says this is the most intense and tiring month of classes- aka seeing him is less likely. He told me he doesnt want to hurt me cuz of his busy hours and that he doesnt want me mad at him about it. i offered to take it slow and date and he said that was ok. Well now im starting to feel the hurt and want to see him. He gets out home at nine or ten and i told him even five minutes to see his face would be nice- but he didnt take the hint. He acts as though he likes me... i think. or he could be just acting like a friend? idk I feel hes talking the talk but not walking the walk... should i move on? or wait for this month to end and him to have more free time? I like him more than he likes me i feel and its like hes sitting back as im sticking my neck out. am i going crazy n irrational?