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Is he into me or is he playing me?

Published on December 7, 2010 by kablaamo

I added this guy from college on Facebook. At first I had no interest in him but he started to send me messages asking me about myself, my job and my band. On a Sunday as I was heading to work he was chatting with me and asked about my ex boyfriend. I didn't have time to explain him the whole story because I had to head down to work but I offered some time in person later on that night. At 8 PM we got together at his place, he made me super, corrected my french homework and we spoke about people from the college until 3 AM. I was clearly giving lots of hints that I just wanted to be friends but as I was leaving I started to fall for him. He offered to help me with other work in the future. 


That Sunday night, he had told me something things about people at the college that was not to be repeated but he spoke about one of my friends. She's one of those flirty girls. For her own security because she currently has a boyfriend, I told her that she should be careful when talking to guys at clubs. She asked me why I am coming up with this converstation and I said it was because a guy spoke to me about you. Then she wanted to know who so I told her it was "HIM". She overreacted thinking that "HIM" was into her so she spreaded it to his best friend. On friday, I got a facebook message from "HIM" saying, "I am surpised to learn something about you, you talk to others about conversations we had. I am sorry but this is not acceptable!" I knew right away Brittany had said something but I didn't know the back story so I asked her. We went bowling but she refused to give out too much detail so I ended up talking to his best friend instead. We had a coffee together and he knew that we would make a great couple but I'd have to build up his trust again to really make "HIM" feel comfortable. I had asked him out for coffee and to work on some more french homework but he always gave an excuse like, I'll be hanging out with friends, going to a gig at a pub and doing homework. So I gave up on him for a while. Didn't talk to him for a week.


I wasn't completely over him and I had to talk to my gay friend about this. It was my gay friend's birthday we were at a restaurant talking about him. As we were talking about him I logged on to facebook with an iPhone so I can show him the messages and his pictures. When we were on his profile I noticed an icon with a camera on it. My gay friend said it's to post a picture and said that we should take a picture together and post it on his wall. I was a bit hesitant about it but we took it anyways and he wrote: "This is my friend Andre, Allo haha!" 10 minutes later, we check back and noticed that I had 2 new message. They were both from him! The first one asked "What's up with the picture you posted on my wall?" The second on said "Listen, I don't want to offened you in anyway but be careful not to pass any limites! If you continue like this I will show you another face of mine that will certainly not make you happy! And I'll be sure of it! Anyways don't act like a child, we stay friends!"


My gay friend ended up writing him messages saying that he doesnt deserve me because he's abusif in the way he talks. I was over him for a bit until I started to talk to him about the picture. He said it was over it. I told him that we should still talk in a friend kind of way. He plays guitar and I play bass. So I told him we should jam during the winter break after all our exams. I brought him to my classroom to show him my film project I am working on. He seemed a little uneasy at the time but I was clearly showing him my friendly side.


The next day as I am walking in the student lounge getting a cup a tea on my break. I seen "HIM" talking to one of my friends. I told her about my situation with him from the start and she keeps going on and on about how "hot he is". This kind of got me jealous. She's one of those types of girls that doesn't look for a stable relationship. She's a player in a way and she loves one night stands. Later on, I seen her and the first thing that came out of my mouth was "Hey, I saw you talking to HIM, eh?". She looked at me funny and said "Oh, we we're just the the same class that's all." It was my birthday that weekend and I wasnt going to celebrate it due to the amount of projects I need to get done. She asked me to come out to collaborate both of our birthday's together and go to this club in 2 weeks. I was hessitant because a) she was just talking to the guy I like b) she said we have some of the same friends c) I hate clubs & country music!! I told her we should do it. Now I am uncertain where this is going, because I just saw him talk to her again but this didn't look like school work to me. She was giggling, laughing and talking to her friend later on in the hallway. He picked up jacket and his bag and walked out with them. As he was walking out he was looking at me and gave me an evil lurk like "look at what I am about to do". I am definately not going to that club in 2 weeks! But what do I do about this guy? Is he testing me? I am not even sure if I should have him on Facebook anymore. What should I do about this situation?




Thanks. Next time I'll be to the point with one of these questions. :)

I've been talking to other guys and other people now. He seems to always been lurking at me while I am doing so. And I have removed him from facebook so I am not sure what could come of this next. If he overracts again that will be it for me.