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is he married or not?

Published on February 21, 2012 by

I met my boyfriend it will be one year. I have been to his apartment several times. IIt looks like he lives there. But he says he's married. She has called him on his cell while i was around. I have done several back ground searches and no wife. His facebook shows his status single. I think he's living with her and I think he met me on this web site for married people who want to have affairs. I'm thinking he was deciding to move in with her when he met me. He showed me the lease to his apartment three months after we met he said he was renewing it for us so we have somewhere to go. He also told me that day that he loved me. We are spending our first overnight together next week how do i ask him. I really want him to be single but I don't think he will leave her.Although the day he told me he loved me he asked me if he asked me to leave my husband would i and i said yes and he said that scared him. We then agreed no one was leaving anyone at that moment but its a yr and i'm madly in love with him. He all I think about. He's all I want. I am so unhappy in my marriage and i want him so much..I m going crazy what should I do?


First things first, if you're not happy in your marriage, either get counseling or get a divorce. Cheating on your husband is unethical and hurtful. You need to end one relationship before starting another. The other man doesn't want you as an exclusive partner. That's why he chose a married woman. He's not the right man for you, since you want an exclusive relationship. No matter how cute, sexy and fun he is, he doesn't have the same life goals as you.

My advice? Get a divorce. Stay single at least a year to learn how to love your own company and to mourn your ex relationship. Think about all the must haves and dealbreakers for a new relationship. If a man lacks any must haves or possesses dealbreakers, break it off and move on. Never settle. Treat people the way you want to be treated, and you'll never go wrong. Good luck.

Well, whether he is married or not, he has made it clear that he is not going to commit to you right now. So you have 2 choices, either stay with him and take your chances or leave him and get divorced so that you can date a man that is willing to be available to you. HE MET YOU ON A SITE FOR PEOPLE LOOKING FOR AFFAIRS, NOT BUDDING RELATIONSHIPS. Just remember that. I hope this helps.

You both sound very confused, and that's not going to be a good foundation for a future together. You met on a site for married people wanting to cheat, yet you now declare you're in love with each other. Furthermore, you are hurting the other people in your lives - your husband and his girlfriend (or wife). Do the right and honorable thing, not the thing that feels good right now. Deal with your marriage with honesty and integrity. Ask him to do the same with his girlfriend. Once you have cleaned up your other messes, then look to see if you can have something real. If you are both strong enough to earn your way out of your current relationships, you might have a shot at something together.

You titled this post: Is he married or not? But that doesn't seem to be the question. If he is not married, what will that mean for you and the relationship? It does not appear that question/answer changes anything. He was looking (and it appears YOU were also looking) for an affair. You also say "we agreed that no one was leaving anyone" right now. So neither of you plan to leave your spouses/significant other. Are you OK with this? Do you want to leave your husband? You need to deal with that issue first. If you are so unhappy, deal with the issues that make it unhappy. Is divorce an option? Counseling? Focusing on the guy you are having an affair with is not going to help. Get counseling for yourself, to find out exactly what you need (from your husband, from the other man, from your life). Good luck!

i'm in a marriage where i was told if i don't get married now no one will marry me. i was vey fat at the time and my parents told me to get married. Now 22 yrs later i have lost the weight i have confidence i never had before. But my marriage i can't stand to be with my husband sexually it grosses me.i grew up in a house where there was constant fighting and i try not to do that in my house but its coming to that. I met this man on a website where people are looking for things that are missing in our lives but here we are a year later and still together and now we really love one another. i have never had feelings like this for anyone. im scared i have lived by myself before i got married so i can survive. But i saw this man last night and we agreed we want a future together.And thats the answer i wanted but im scared to death am i doing the right thing? i know how he feels and i truly knows he loves me. and i know people say that he will cheat on me but i don't think thats the case