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is he jus using me for sex?

Published on April 5, 2010 by inlove

I have been talking to this guy since December and we text everyday all day long. The only problem is he has a girlfriend. we both have said that we have strong feeling for each other and we eventually started telling each other we loved each other and missed each other very much! His girlfriend almost found out and now he dosent say he loves me or even that he misses me! He will tell me he misses me if i say it first! However he always want me to send him pictures and he says he "wants" me so bad all the time! i am confused and i really love him! should i talk to him about it or should i just keep thinking things will go back to the way they were! im not even sure if he even plans on leaving his girlfriend! it just seems to me now all of a sudden hes jus using me for sex.


Yes, he is just using you for sex. Why would you want to pursue a guy who already has a girlfriend? The fact that he hasn't broken up with her if proof that he doesn't love you as much as you think you love him. Why would you even want to be with a cheater? This isn't a confusing situation. If you want to be with someone who cares about you then find someone who isn't already in a relationship with someone else and make sure that they are committed to you before sleeping with them.

He is just using you for sex and he has always been just using you for sex. This guy will do or say whatever it takes to keep stringing you along, but in the end, he doesn't love you because he hasn't left his girlfriend. No matter what he says, you are the other woman and you will be until you get out. You deserve a man who loves you enough not to sneak around.